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DISCLAIMER: You are watching this at your own risk. The video contains extremely graphic, sexual, and gory lyrics.Here's a creepy video. I had trouble translating it despite Kyotonkun helping me by giving an idea on what the whole song meant. So I asked my Japanese teacher during summer school (now lol) and she said it was perfect. Except for the "inochi wo kounazo sarasara shinaiga" part.Title: The Spider and the Kitsune-like Lion (?????????)Composer and Video: Masa (??)Vocals: Hatsune Miku, GUMITranslation: Migikun, KyotonkunSee the original video in Youtube: Kyotonkun's channel full of this person's favorite videos (there are like thousands of them!) is an awesome peep. I love his scary works. I might translate more of his stuff later... if you want to ;)And the only thing I own here is the video editing and the translations. That is all.GUMI has a weird tongue, huh? :D