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Try not to get sick when your doctor is busy. But if she is, then listen to this episode about what you should do.

Slow dialog: 1:27
Explanations: 3:08
Fast dialog: 16:14

Monique: Ugh!

Jurgen: What’s the matter?

Monique: My GP referred me to a specialist for my back problems, but she doesn’t have any openings for eight weeks! I’m waitlisted in case there’s a cancellation, but if there isn’t one, I’ll have to endure this pain for at least another eight weeks.

Jurgen: Can’t you just go see another specialist?

Monique: I could, but my GP says that she’s the best in the business. In the meantime, I’ll try to see a physical therapist about my neck. It’s flaring up again.

Jurgen: At least you’ll get some relief.

Monique: Maybe. I have to call back tomorrow morning to see if she can fit me in. She’s really booked up, too. While I’m waiting, I guess I could try to see the podiatrist about my feet.

Jurgen: You’re having feet problems, too?

Monique: Yeah, my whole body is falling apart. I think I’m nearly past my expiration date!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse