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Octopimp is here with your Persona Lore! by Jared Rosen: by Octopimp: by Scott Falco: the early dawn of civilization, two powerful outsider beings from the demon realm named Philemon and Nyarlathotep made a bet: that humanity would either rise above its nature or destroy itself. Nyarlathotep broke the rules of the bet by directly interfering with humanity, manipulating the head of SEBEC to create a machine capable of turning the imaginary into reality so he could collapse one into the other and destroy the world. Philemon gives nine students the power of unleashing their 'true selves,' known as Personas, and the team defeats Nyarlathotep and saves the day. Years later a Joker spirit begins murdering people through phone calls, and when a new group of Persona users investigate, Japan is invaded by zombie Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. It turns out zombie Hitler is Nyarlathotep, so the team defeats him and saves the day, but they also have to forget everything they ever knew about each other to prevent Armageddon. One boy doesn't, creating a domino effect that opens up an end-of-the-world paradox. The group reunites, goes inside the paradox, casts down Nyarlathotep and saves the day. Philemon and Nyarlathotep leave Earth forever, but without them humans end up invoking an avatar of death, the Shinto mother goddess of creation, and a murder robot possessed by the rulers of Crete. Now a new ancient entity has arisen to free humans from the hardships of modern life by killing them, and it's up to you to defeat you innermost fears, assemble a new team of Persona users, and probably sacrifice yourself to save the day until the next all-powerful folkloric god-being shows up.Have fun!---------The Daily Byte:! is Polaris? to...