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From the very beginning of his election campaign, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that once elected, his Government would do everything in its power to "stop the boats." "Operation Sovereign Borders" is now underway, and the impact that it has had on the lives of those claiming asylum in Australia has been truly significant. Anusha Menon reports from Sydney.Uganda’s Capital Kampala is currently sitting and developing under a controversial political and developmental time bomb. Daniel Arapmoi reports from Kampala.The number of civilian casualties is rapidly rising in Afghanistan. They are either killed by deadly terrorist attacks of the Taliban or military operations of NATO forces. But what has added to the suffering of Afghans is now US drone strikes. Fayez Khurshid reports from Kabul.China’s terrible air pollution has been making headlines this year. Ask an environmentalist to name the country’s worst environmental problem, however, and the most common answer will not be dirty air but a dire shortage of water; especially in the arid north. Steven Ribet reports from Beijing.