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The new Truth Commission Platform is comprised of over one hundred organizations, including all the primary historical memory associations, the International Baltasar Garzón Foundation, the Association of Friends of the International Brigades, and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.They’ve banded together to demand that Spain investigate Franco’s crimes, open the country’s mass graves, and include the ugly truth of the dictatorship in the history textbooks used in Spanish schools.An amnesty law prevents Spanish judges from investigating these crimes, and the disbarment of Judge Baltasar Garzón in 2012 left victims without the possibility of seeking recourse within the Spanish judicial system. Furthermore, the Spanish government has consistently intervened against Argentine judge María Servini’s attempts to carry forward a case opened by Franco’s victims in 2010. And the country’s Historical Memory Law, passed in 2007, "has led to nothing," according to Gordon.The Socialist Party (PSOE) and the United Left (IU) have agreed to draft a parliamentary resolution calling for a truth commission that would be presented to the Spanish Congress, but the conservative Partido Popular (PP), which has an absolute majority, is unlikely to support it.