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Directed by : Patrick Bouchitey Produced by : EuropaCorp Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 41 min French release: 25/05/2005 Production year: 2003 Serge Pommier is a feared critic caught up in a dull existence. He still hasn’t written the book that everyone expected of him and he must teach literature at university to make a living. Then, Jeanne, one of his students, submits a remarkable manuscript one day… This is the book he should have, could have, written. This novel would definitely be a passport to the recognition he’s been hankering after for so long. Serge decides to kidnap Jeanne and to steal her manuscript. Between what’s left unsaid, secrets confided, the desire for love and the thirst for vengeance, each of them becomes the prisoner of the other.More info: