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Iran has announced that an interim agreement to freeze the country’s nuclear programme will come into force on January 20. Tehran’s deputy foreign minister explained that an easing of international sanctions will follow once Iran has curbed its uranium enrichment.Elaborating on the deal Abbas Araghchi told viewers that each step had been designed in a way that allows Iran to stop carrying out its commitments if the other party does not fulfill their part of the Geneva agreement.At the same time US Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking in Paris, warned that a lot more work was needed to strike a long-term deal:“The negotiations will be very difficult but they are the best chance we have to be able to resolve the critical national security issue peacefully and durably. We are very clear about what will be required in order to be able to guarantee to the international community that this is a peaceful programme.”The deal agreed last November between Western powers and Iran has just been approved by individual governments.With its enforcement Tehran could receive the first installment of blocked revenues on February 1.