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Directed by : Jacques Rivette Produced by : Pierre Grise Productions Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 2 h 30 min French release: 12/11/2003 Production year: 2003 Julien, 40, watchmaker, is a kind of loser with destructive tendencies. He’s decided to blackmail Madame X, a rich and pretty woman. Although he knows all about her shady deals involving antique objects, he’s unaware of her most dangerous secret, the one that binds her to the beautiful Marie with whom he fell in love a year ago and who he has recently starting seeing again. It’s true that he notices that Marie seems to have developed some new and strange behavioral patterns. Despite the love she feels for Julien, that intensifies with each passing day, Marie seems incapable of experiencing any sense of connection with things. Just what is her terrible secret? Julien, who has rediscovered his taste for life, is ready to do anything to penetrate this mystery and help Marie free herself from her present state. Together they will go as far as man and women can go, there where life and death, hope and fear no longer mean anything. There where a love, the crazy love of wild children, that knows no limits is imperative.More info: