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Directed by : Sophie Fillières Produced by : Pierre Grise Productions Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 42 min French release: 14/12/2005 Production year: 2005 Fontaine, yes Fontaine, Fontaine Leglou, thirty years old, has everything. A job (she’s an anesthesiologist), an unfaithful love who she’ll never leave for the lover who loves her faithfully, a cat (The Cat), and yet… Fontaine isn’t the fearless type. And when her love asks for her hand in marriage, she doesn’t know whether to say yes or no - in any event, she can say yes, but not without no. She just doesn’t know, and if she doesn’t know that, just what else can she really claim to know? From then, nothing goes right for Fontaine Leglou. As Billy Wilder said, virtue isn’t photogenic, characters must all have some lousy objective or another in the back of their minds. At the end of “Gentille,” my character and I will both know whether she should say yes or no.More info: