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Salman Khan's Jai Ho definitely seems to be hyping the buzz of late, be it from the fans-created- viral poster, to the film's roaring trailer or to the much famous aligned song releases going air. In fact, the People's Star is also doing the rounds stating low ticket prices for Jai Ho followed by charity doings. So coming as an addition to this and moving on with our next Jai Ho high, what further lies is a cup of coffee named on Salman Khan! Yes you heard that right! Wondering how? Well we'll get you through the story! As Salman is hitting back on silver screen after a year's gap, Jai Ho team wishes to excite the audience in every way possible! And as an impressive tactic, a cup of cappuccino on Salman Khan's name will be introduced at each counter of multiplexes wherein one could simply go and ask for a cup of Salman! Sounds exciting right? Well, with this, let's see what more is in store for us! Stay tuned!