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Long ago, high above the clouds, there existed a floating city known as Skyloft. The people there lived peaceful lives, giving thanks to the nameless Goddess, who aeons ago had saved them from an apocalyptic war that threatened to destroy the world. Utilising her great strength, the Goddess carved a portion of the land from the surface and hurled it into the air, far from the reach of evil, and created an impenetrable barrier which none could pierce. The last survivors of the great war thrived, and in time, there came to exist two very important individuals - a boy named Link, who dreamt of becoming a Knight of Skyloft, and his best friend Zelda, a young maiden who helped keep the traditions of the Goddess alive through music and dance. The years passed, and the evil that had become dormant after the war begun to stir again. It appeared above the surface, managing to come between Link and Zelda, and the maiden found herself spirited away to the surface below, far beyond anyone's reach. When all seemed lost, a servant of the Goddesss, a spiritual being known as Fi, appeared to Link and showed him the path forward. Taking up a legendary sword and donning the garb of a Skyloftian Knight, Link set out to the uncharted lands below to rescue his friend, and to discover just what destiny had in store for him. And thus, a Legend was born...