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Madison Montgomery and Franken-Kyle are back! Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Evan Peters were in New Orleans on yesterday to begin filming what we think are the final episodes of American Horror Story: Coven. The duo's storyline has been heating up recently, bringing their zombie-esq. character's hearts together for some passionate lovemaking on camera! We are so excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for these real life lovers with the undead alabaster glow, but we're more interested to see if they real-life lovebirds can keep their love soaring. Is KatyKat a copycat?! According to Sara Bareilles, yes—but the singer couldn't care less! In a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Sara is finally acknowledging what fans have been saying all along… Katy Perry 's "Roar" sounds a whole lot like her song, "Brave!" Miz Bareilles candidly confessed the musical similarities, but realizes there's a bright side to every situation: Instead of feeding into the controversy, the talented songstress is looking at the bigger picture--the two songs were HUGE hits, so BOTH singers win! Last season, Kevin Spacey 's Frank Underwood ascended to the vice presidency using a combination of backstabbing and media manipulation. This season, the hunter is the hunted. The enemies Underwood made in his rise to the top are out for revenge and, as we know, there are plenty of skeletons in the Underwoods' very separate closets. The 13-episode second season of House of Cards premieres on Netflix on Feb. 14.