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Directed by : Jacques Richard Produced by : Les Films Élémentaires Genre: Documentary - Runtime: 3 h 32 min French release: 02/03/2005 Production year: 2004 Henri Langlois created the Cinémathèque Française in 1936 and thus saved thousands of films from oblivion and destruction. His determination, enthusiasm and passionate approach meant that he rapidly established a film archive renowned throughout the world. He bought every print he could, and when someone asked if they could borrow a film, he’d reply: “Go and ask the Louvre to lend you the ‘Mona Lisa’ and see what response you’d get.” He organized screenings of masterpieces from around the world and soon Godard, Rivette, Truffaut, Rohmer and Chabrol – all the seminal figures of the New Wave – rushed to the Cinémathèque to discover the history of cinema. Chabrol says, with humor, that Langlois invented the first multiplex: the Cinémathèque’s first venue, Avenue de Messine, was too small and so screenings took place in the lobby, on the first floor and in the staircase. At the beginning of 1968, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, directed by André Malraux, accused Langlois of mismanagement. The government reproached him for being disorganized and for losing films. To which Franju replied: “Langlois isn’t disorganized. He has a scientific sense of disorder.” Malraux stuck to his guns and forced Langlois from his Cinémathèque in February 1 [...]More info: