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or IFW6_1 Ginevra is really cute in her revealing and unstable red bikini while Mia looks concentrated as usual. Armwrestling says that Ginevra has stronger arms, but it was close. As soon as they start to fight, smiles quickly leave the stage to Mia's assaults and deadly scissors. Ginevra suffers her opponent's agility and strong legs, her face turns into a worried expression and we don't hear her usual jokes anymore, maybe because she's very upset after being judged "unexperienced" by Mia. Mia's judo skills emerge especially in close combat on the mats and some spectacular holds are performed. It's first time that we see Ginevra dominated like that, by a smiling Mia. Now the question is if Ginevra will be able to resist until the final bell or she will be forced to submit by the superior technique of Mia. Pain and endurance on one side, technique and agility on the other are the liet-motiv of this match where no break is allowed. 15 minutes of pure wrestling energy, with some italian trash talking revealing the tension.