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or IFW10_3 In another first for IFW hair pulling is allowed in a matchup, in this case between the feisty Mia and stubborn Robi. This is a new weapon in the girls arsenal of holds and quickly realise how effective it is for immobilising opponents to scissor or throw them to the ground! There are no slaps, so this is not full catfight but in the heat this is still a very tough match for the girls. Mia is a very strong woman, and quickly takes to the haipulling showing a natural affinity with the hold often putting Robi in trouble by wrapping strong thighs around her opponents head. But Robi is anything but a pushover and fights back hard, causing Mia serious issues. The intensity builds as they get comfortable with the hairpulling, and this is one exciting match! As an aside, Mia really surprised us with how vicious she can be; needless to say though, Robi wasn’t intimidated one little bit!