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Directed by : Danis Tanovic Produced by : ASAP Films Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 35 min French release: 30/11/2005 Production year: 2004 In Paris, during the eighties, a man freed from prison is rejected by his wife. At the end of his rope, he beats her up and then throws himself out the window in front of his three daughters. Sophie, Céline and Anne, the three sisters, are now adult, each pursuing their own life. Family ties have been severed. Sophie, the eldest, is married to Pierre, a photographer with whom she’s had two children. The couple is going through a rocky patch. Céline, single, is the only one who takes care of their feeble mother who is in a retirement home. Anne, an architecture student, is having a passionate love affair with Frédéric, one of her teachers. A young man enters Céline’s life. Attractive Sébastien seems determined to charm her. What he reveals to Céline brings the three sisters together again, allows them to accept their past and to perhaps at last dare to truly live.More info: