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Three Components of Organizational CultureThe Alliance for Nonprofit Management - New Jersey Institute of TechnologyThis workshop will address the vital but often misunderstood and underappreciated subject of organizational culture in nonprofits. Presenters Denice R. Hinden and Paul Sturm will begin by defining three levels of organizational culture. Participants will learn what organizational culture is and is not.Hinden and Sturm will then share a case study from their book, The Nonprofit Organizational Culture Guide: Revealing the Hidden Truths that Impact Performance and a recent application to illustrate the importance of understanding organizational culture as part of any process to achieve desired change. They'll also draw from their own professional experiences to further highlight the correlation between understanding organizational culture and successfully facilitating change.Participants will then identify a specific organizational challenge, followed by a modified mind map exercise where they think about creation, survival and leadership stories to shed light on the organization's assumptions and underlying beliefs. We'll conclude by briefly exploring strategies for participants to address this challenge in a way that's mindful of organizational culture.