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Directed by : Tony Scott Produced by : Davis Films Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 2 h 8 min French release: 23/11/2005 Production year: 2005 Domino Harvey is a young, famous model from a family very much in the public eye. She decides to throw it all away to become a bounty hunter. Fleeing catwalks and high society, she sets off into a world of thrills and danger. Domino manages to make a place for herself on Ed’s team. He’s a role model in this line of work. Their first operation nearly goes awry, but Domino saves the day thanks to her charm. The young woman seems to find an equilibrium in this world of high risk spills and thrills. Ed reassures her, and Choco definitely catches her eye. The trio attracts the attention of a producer who wants to turn them into the heroes of a reality-TV show. Flanked by two presenters, Domino and her colleagues grapple with the most explosive affair that’s ever come their way. This time, it’s not about trapping a petty criminal on the lam, but an incredible plot implicating the Mafia and even some of the trio’s close acquaintances. For Domino, the quest for thrills goes beyond anything she could have imagined.More info: