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This edition of the show is 1 of 2 episodes of 2013 year-end round up. The following issues will be reviewed in 3 different categories.Monarchy: BBC pro Monarchy bias and criticismsRoyal expense evaluation by parliament Demands for royal tax affairs probe Close ties between royal family and Saudi/Bahraini despots Queen’s pay rise amid austerity across the nation Abdication of Dutch queen and effects on demands from Elizabeth to follow suitWithdrawal of Gambia from commonwealth Royal family meddling in politicsEconomy:Increase in demands from food banks Increase in child poverty Pound value dropRigging petrol price by BPIncrease in unemployment Increase in energy price, food and housing Continuation of protests and strikes against governmental economic policiesBedroom tax Scotland and N.IIndependence of Scotland and campaigns such as YES SCOTLANDWar of words between Downing Street and SNP leaders Nuclear bases and oil wells in Scottish territory London’s attempts to sabotage Scotland independence moves.Sectarian clashes in Northern Ireland Possible fallout of Britain Scandals:Child abuse by church, Politicians and celebrities Morality decline in Parliament (pornography, drugs, etc.)