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When I was a little child, just 5 years old, I've discovered something special, something beyond the world I had known. There was a one big championship of 22 single-seaters formula cars racing all around the world with the 22 best drivers behind the steering wheels, racing for for a glory, for a win, for a championship. The first man who immediately impressed me was a one particular German driver in a red shark - Ferrari. His name was Michael Schumacher and became my big hero through my childhood. I was able to just sit and watch all the races and to follow his greatest steps which started by winning the first championship for Ferrari back in 2000. Then he took another four championship titles and has became a living legend, the best driver in Formula 1 ever, breaking all the past records and with the seven world championships upon his name. I've never lost my passion for Formula 1 since then, even when he left that world after an amazing 2006 season but with a very sad ending. Obviously I was very excited, very happy and so proud when he announced his comeback with the 2009 champions Brawn GP, bought by Mercedes and with some great people in the team from the past winning era in Ferrari. Unfortunately the winning thoughts disappeared very quickly and it turned out to be the most difficult time in Michael's career. After three years without a single win, only one pole position (which he couldn't even enjoy because of a penalty) and one podium one could say, that it was an unsuccessful comeback. But it wasn't a disaster for him, he didn't care about statistics, he was there to enjoy the racing again, and what's the most important - he enjoyed it, he had a fun and he was happy. In 2012 this fairy tale called "Michael Schumacher" came to its end, as he decided to leave Formula 1 for the second and last time.