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It is an action comedy film. Subhashree portrays a girl with an extremely conservative/obsessive father. Her father just can’t tolelate any other guy looking at his daughter face to face. He can not accept any boy who tries to be friend with his daughter. He terrifies, beats everybody to protect his daughter. Subhashree in the films also loves her dad but at the same time dreams about someone capable enough to challenge her dad. Who can really fight her dad for Subhashree. Here comes our hero Dev to save and love Subhashree. Challenge is definitely a love story but “action” dominates everything else. In the fear of Pooja's boyfriend, her father sends her to his father-in-law's home. But at last the couples gets married and after some years they had a son. The plot of Challenge is not an original piece of work but the smart treatment does make it engaging. At the centre of the knotty affair is Rajatava, the baap of local goondas who is obsessed with the need to shield his daughter Subhashree from male gaze. Rajatava’s men bully every boy who dares look at her, but Cupid strikes when Dev-Subhashree meet and the hero takes on the father’s might with brain and brawn. New bangla new movie,2013,2014,New bangladeshi new movie,New Challenge bangla new full movie,bangla new film,Takar Ceye Prem Boro,2013,2014,bangla movie by shakib khan, bangladeshi bangla movie, bangla new movie, bangla shakib khan movie, bangladeshi shakib khan movie, bangladeshi kinkg khan movie, bangla full movie, bangla romantic movie, bangla new full movie, bangla fill hd movie, bangladeshi full hd movie, bangladeshi romantic movie, bangla movie song, bangladeshi movie song, bangladeshi love movie, bangladeshi bangla shakib khan movie, bangla funny movie, bangladeshi funny movie, bangladeshi comedy movie, bangla comedy movie, bangla movie by shakib khan and apu biswas, bangladeshi bang movie by apu biswas and shakib khan 2013,2014,2015,2016 bangla movie bangladeshi bangla new movie, bangla movies...