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Ukraine’s opposition supporters drove in their hundreds towards President Viktor Yanukovych’s residence on Sunday in a bid to take their complaints to his door.But police prevented them from reaching their destination.However the campaign to steer the country back towards Europe does not look like going away.“We are here to drive to the (President’s) residence to show him that we haven’t calmed down, we’re still here and he should listen to the people and make concessions,” explained one protester.Even though turnout is falling , opposition leaders appear unwilling to end weeks of street protests to topple the government after it rejected an EU trade pact.Vitaly Klitschko said: “after the holidays we are going to call for a nationwide strike. ”But the falling numbers have eased the pressure on President Yanokovych who has just signed a bailout package with Moscow.Euronews reporter Angelina Kariakina who is in Kyiv said:“Activists in Independence Square say the government isn’t listening to their demands, this is why they decided to rally right in front of Ukraine’s presidential residence – its less than several hundred metres away, but the road was blocked by the police. They promise that if their demands aren’t heard, today’s march will become a regular protest activity.”