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One of the key objectives of religion is to reform people’s wasteful lifestyles. Such reform is a necessity if any real change can be made; whether the changes are personal or for the world community. When God perfected religion for mankind, it sent a message to the human race that this religion Islam is the ideal standard for everyone to follow in order to attain a higher social, political and spiritual realm. Traditionally, entertainment has included lavish eating and drinking, singing, dancing, gambling, listening to music, watching performers of art and playing sports. Some of these are forbidden, others are permitted to certain extents. But the important question is whether entertainment should be moderated for more important objectives.Whilst the efforts needed to give up certain forms of lifestyles are difficult, the rewards can be immense; not just for the afterlife, but also for this world.This week’s Islam & Life asks: How will Muslims benefit from less entertainment and more religion?