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About the Show : Malgudi - a fictious small town in south India is typical of any small town or village, habituated by timeless characters who could be living anywhere in the world. They are simple folk, dealing with their lives in an uniquely engaging, humorous and humane manner. Famous Indian novelist R.K Narayan, drew on his observance of human life to create the magic of Malgudi Days. Malgudi Days - Swamy and Friends - Episode 1 Synopsis: This is the story of 'Swamy' a eleven year old boy who takes us back to our childhood. Swamy is the son of a traditional Hindu Lawyer - W. T. Srinivasan. Swamy is studying in First form in a Mission school. He was insulted by his friends Somu, Shankar & Mani for taking the matter to his father about twisting of his ears by Christian Scripture teacher as Swamy protests against the insulting reference to the Hindu religion made by his teacher. Rajam, a new comer, son of Deputy Superintendent of Police joins the Mission school. Everybody admires Rajam as he is a brilliant student and well dressed, self confident and above all is the son of D.S.P. But Mani hates Rajam and he wants to humble him but later become friends.