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The Egyptian government is intensifying its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, formally listing it as a terrorist organisation. It comes in response to a worsening security situation in the country. At least 350 members of the security forces have been killed in bombings and shootings. This week a police station in Mansoura, north of Cairo in the Nile Delta, was attacked. The Muslim Brotherhood has denied responsibility.This man in Cairo approves of the government move: “The decision to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group is 100 percent correct, from what we have seen happening in the country lately. It’s a pity seeing innocent soldiers getting killed every day, and with the explosions every now and again, the country will never move forward.”Nonetheless the Brotherhood and its leader Mohammad Mursi still have support. Mursi was elected president earlier this year, but deposed in the summer.Although a poll in a newspaper taken before the government declaration said 79 percent of respondents would support such a move.