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Here we take a look at one of my favorite early 70's "Ecological Horror" films Frogs is a 1972 horror film directed by George McCowan. The film falls into the "eco-horror" category since it tells the story of an upper-class U.S. Southern family who are victimized by several different animal species, including snakes, birds, and lizards, as well as the occasional butterfly. Nature, the movie suggests, may be justified in exacting revenge on this family because of its patriarch's abuse of the local ecology Pickett Smith (Sam Elliott) rows in a canoe and takes photographs of various animals in a swamp from around the Crockett family's estate; a scenic plantation located on an island on a lake in rural Florida. After Clint (Adam Roarke) accidentally tips Pickett's canoe over, he and his sister Karen (Joan Van Ark) escort Smith to the family mansion where he meets the entire Crockett family. The grouchy, wheelchair-bound patriarch, Jason (Ray Milland), intends on spending the next day enjoying both the 4th of July and his own birthday celebrations uninterrupted. Due to the mutual dislike of the fauna around the mansion, Jason has sent a man called Grover to spray pesticide in order to get rid of the amphibians. Pickett discovers Grover's corpse covered in snake bites in the swamp not far from the house. Despite this warning, Jason continues with his celebrations the next day, unaware that the frogs and other animals plan to get revenge for the constant pollution around the area. On the mainland, Michael checks the telephone lines in his car (when the phone line is dead) but is distracted by birds. Hoping to shoot them down, he chases them but accidentally shoots himself in the leg. A swarm of tarantulas cover him with webbing and moss, cocooning him completely. On the island, Kenneth leaves to get flowers from the greenhouse but lizards infest the greenhouse and knock over jars of chemicals. The mixture fills the place with poisonous gases and Kenneth asphyxiates...