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A couple go to a drive-in theater in a rural California town, and are butchered by an unseen assailant, who uses a sword to decapitate the man, and skewer the woman through the neck. Investigating this dual homicide are police detectives Mike Leary and John Koch, who interview the drive-in's boorish manager, Austin Johnson, and the odd custodian, Germy. Germy mentions that a peeping tom likes to cruise the area to watch couples and lone girls, and he is told to try and write down the voyeur's license plate number the next time he sees him. That night, the killer strikes again, impaling two lovers while they are making out in their vehicle, and leaving a sword behind. To see if the sword belongs to the drive-in owner, Germy is brought in to identify it. Germy states that the sword is not apart of the owner's private collection, and tells the detectives that the voyeur was at the drive-in around the time of the latest double murder, and that he managed to write down the man's license plate number. The plate number is connected to Orville Ingleson, whose home the detectives visit. Orville denies any connection to the deaths, but when a bloody cloth is found in his car, he panics, and tries to make a run for it. Orville is caught, and claims the blood was just from a dog he accidentally ran over, which is confirmed by further analysis, forcing the police to let him go. The detectives (one of them disguised as a woman) go to a screening at the drive-in, and spot Orville there, even though he had promised to stay away from it. After a customer who had stormed off when his girlfriend refused his advances returns to his car, he discovers that his girlfriend has been beheaded. Leary and Koch rush to Orville's car, and find him dead from a slit throat. Austin and Germy are brought in for questioning, and Austin antagonizes the detectives, refusing to close the drive-in without a court order, and firing Germy. Leary and Koch get a call about a machete-wielding man who...