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Originally published on October 19th, 2012. PLEASE READ, WATCH & LISTEN: I did not intend on making another video on this, but after I uploaded my first video where I offered my solution as to how to decrease bullying and suicides from bully victims, I noticed a lot of video wars and hate going on and as I stated in my video, people not focusing on helping the victims that are in need of help, but continuously defending the dead. Now if you're actually being disrespectful towards the dead for no good reason, then that's understandable, but use stories like Amanda Todd's or any other bullying victim to help those LIVING now. Both the people pretending to care for Amanda and the people hating on her and distributing her photos are all guilty in my opinion, especially those that make Amanda out to be a martyr. To the people that genuinely care about this subject and are willing to do more than like statuses and groups on Facebook and make an actual difference, good for you and you have my respect. Yes, Amanda did NOT deserve suicide and it is sad, but let's not overlook other details just because she committed suicide. Do your best to look into these kind of things before formulating your opinion. Hope you get something out of this video. My previous video on bullying and my solution on how to fix it: Suicide Prevention Hotline: Amanda's video "My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm" JJDiscussions's video "Bullying: Do You REALLY Care?" JShamw0w's video "Trending Tragedies = Synthetic Sympathy (Amanda Todd)" TAA's video "THE AMANDA TODD SQUAD - Astonishing Moral Hypocrisy" Channel Shout Outs: [Important...