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Originally published on January 22nd, 2013. Once again, Stoutmeister and Anton doing a commentary on a PSA video that pissed us off due to it misrepresenting bully victims in our opinion and how we feel this trivializes the issue of bullying as well as people that have been bullied. This is coming from two guys that have dealt with bullying in our younger days. Hope you enjoy the video. This video is under the commentary and satirical categories under the Copyright Act of 1976. Anton's Channels: [Video We Commentated on] "PSA - STOP BULLYING" [Another Video briefly referenced in this video - whether a commentary will be done for this one or not, you'll see :)] "THE CYBER BULLYING VIRUS" [My Videos on Bullying, which includes self harm] "GRD - CYBERBULLYING!!!!" "GRD - Bullying: STOP WAITING UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE TO CARE!!!! [Society's Reaction to Amanda Todd]" "GRD - The Amanda Todd Crusade Continues - Bandwagon Riders VS Black Hearted Hateful Souls" "Nostalgia Critic: Best Insult Ever" [Previous video with Anton] "Music Rants and Reactions - RE: Tweenchronic - Skip Rope (Official Video)" [Important Links Below] GATG BACK UP: GATG Personal FB: GATG Facebook Page: GATG Twitter: GATG DailyMotion: STOUTMEISTER'S ORIGINAL MUSIC: STOUTMEISTER'S GUITAR COVERS: http://www...