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The infamous "War on Christmas" is in full swing this year with mortars being lobbed from each side. In this tense fray, one iconoclast has set out to eviscerate the cultural demi-god Santa Claus. Fortunately, Fox News host Megyn Kelly stood tall on December 11th to set the record straight. While refuting a proposition made by Aisha Harris that a racially neutral character might make a more suitable substitute for Jolly 'ol Saint Nick, Megyn proudly reassured us of what we all know to be true: that Saint Nicholas is a portly white man with rosy red cheeks. Oddly, her truth does not align with history. Saint Nicholas was born in the village of Patara in what is now Turkey. Contemporary portrayals of the man indicate he was dark skinned, as we would expect from his Mediterranean descent. So how do these images compare? CHECKOUT PROTECTION KNIVES: FEARLESS ON DAILY MOTION: SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS: TWITTER: @FearlessJ2008 INSTAGRAM: @jnjPhotography