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HALCYON SKY Full version: $49.00 VISIONARY SONIC OUTPOSTS HALCYON SKY delivers the introspective, reverb-drenched sound of contemporary ambient electronica. Futuristic downbeat sounds for MASCHINE 2.0 Custom Drum Synth and plate reverb presets Exclusive sounds for REAKTOR PRISM and MASSIVE Warm the jets for an ultrasonic serenity trip. HALCYON SKY weaves inspired ambient rhythms, hazy, organic synths, and introspective atmospheres into an ecstatic Expansion for MASCHINE. Taking full advantage of MASCHINE 2.0’s Drum Synths, and with exclusive presets for REAKTOR PRISM and MASSIVE, HALCYON SKY puts you in the pilot’s seat for the voyage within. Prepare for ignition with warm, saturated drum samples. Lift off with dusty, custom-designed percussion from MASCHINE 2.0’s Drum Synths – endlessly tweakable, automatable, and in peerless quality. Organic loops featuring guitar, piano, mallet, and bell sounds help you settle into orbit. And evolving soundscapes, deep, detuned chords, and spacious reverbs give you fuel for the afterglow. HALCYON SKY is specifically designed for the instruments and effects in MASCHINE 2.0. Exclusive presets for REAKTOR PRISM give you blissed-out pads, plucked strings, and expressive mallet instrument sounds that shift and breathe like acoustic instruments. Brand-new MASSIVE presets add exclusive basses, deep ambiences, crunchy leads, and stratospheric synth washes. All sounds are incorporated directly into the kits, so you’re never far from turning your inspiration into euphoric sonic transmissions.