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Octopimp is here with your Pokemon X and Y Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!Written by Jared Rosen: by Octopimp: by TwistedGrimTV: us on Twitter! thousand years ago a great war broke out between nations on the continent of Kalos. The warrior king Alistair allowed his Floette to fight in the war, but it was killed and Alistair got really, really depressed, deciding the best course of action was to build a totally not crazy eternal life giving resurrection machine that sucked the life out of living things and redirected the energy into a given target. He succeeded in bringing Floette back to life, but by the transitive property of doomsday device ownership was now totally insane. So he turned the life giving machine into an ultimate weapon that wiped out all life on the continent and ended the war, forcing Floette to flee. Overcome by grief, Alistair went into the woods to die, but learned that the life giving energies of the eternal Xerneas had let him live forever. So he buried the doomsday weapon and decided to become a boxcar hobo. Three thousand years after that, a scary fashion cult led by a billionaire technology mogul has unearthed the doomsday device and captured the ancient gods of life and death to power it, hoping to kill every living thing so that true beauty can be reestablished and the planet can return to its pristine state. Now it's up to you, a fledgling trainer, to become a true Pokemon Master and defeat all the gym leaders and the elite four, Team Flare, the death and life pokemon Xerneas and Yvetal, all the other legendaries, and the God pokemon Arceus.Plus every other player who's already done that.Have fun!Who is Polaris? more...