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Dodger is here with your Uncharted Fast Facts! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Written by Jared: by Dodger: by FunyMony & LollerGator: Uncharted 3, Iram of the Pillars was destroyed by a brass vessel filled with djinn being thrown into the water supply, which caused people to hallucinate. Brass is actually used in water filters because of its natural purifying properties, though it can't purify evil desert spirits.Shangri'la might have held the Tree of Life, but in Tibetan scriptures it says there are seven Shangri'las, all created by the second Buddha around the end of the 8th century. Each one is said to grant near immortality and permanent contentment.The El Dorado virus shares many traits with the Yellow Sign from R.W. Chambers The King in Yellow. In the book, anyone who comes into contact with the sign can be possessed by the King in Yellow until the end of their lifespan, just like the infected Descendants are slaves to the El Dorado sarcophagus over many generations.Follow us on Twitter! is Polaris? more from Polaris?Twitter: for watching Lore!