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The Final Bosman is here to give you some Knack Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Written by Jared: by Kyle Bosman: by Danny: upon a time there was a distant alternate Earth populated by billionaire archeologists and the robot armies they built in their spare time. One day a totally unrelated doctor, whose name was also Doctor, decided he was going to raise two sons: a war orphan named Lucas and an ugly golem named Knack made from relics he found in a cave. But then goblins showed up, and and attacked the billionaires with tanks and planes that they somehow had.Needing a weapon capable of defeating the inexplicably well-armed goblin armies, the Doctor discovers that Knack can absorb objects to become bigger. Especially wood for some reason. So the Doctor sends Knack and his sort-of-kind-of-but-totally-not-brother Lucas off to war to grow into a huge, godless killing machine with the mind of a teenage boy. Which is great, because making teenage boys who grew up in a stable home environment brutally murder thousands of sentient creatures has never backfired in the history of ever.So Knack and Lucas fight their way through the goblin army and confront the goblin general Gundahar, who is tallest and therefore the leader, in an epic OH GOD THEY SET ME ON FIREHave fun!Follow us on Twitter! is Polaris? more from Polaris?Twitter: for watching Lore!