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Dodger is here with your Sony Playstation Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!Written by Phil: by Dodger: by Jeremy: the 1990's, the video game world was dominated by Nintendo and Sega, which resulted in fierce competition that forced both companies to continuously innovate, but Sega struck first with the introduction of the Sega CD. Without the technology to compete, Nintendo enlisted Sony to develop a CD-ROM add on for the SNES. To do this, Sony brought on Ken Kutaragi, a brash but brilliant engineer to make it happen.Nintendo then realized the contract would grant Sony the rights to every game written on the SNES CD-ROM format and decided to drop Sony without warning. In 1991, Sony announced the SNES-compatible PlayStation at CES, but the very next day, Nintendo revealed its secret partnership with Philips. Spurred on by his Samurai principles and the sting of betrayal, the head of Sony ordered Kutaragi to create their own video game console, and in 1993, Sony announced the PSX.But with zero credibility in the industry, Sony and the PSX was predicted to fail. Developers were apprehensive because 3D gaming was so high-concept at the time, but the release of Virtua Fighter opened the eyes of publishers and Sony went on to sign 250 developers in Japan alone. The PSX sold a million units in its first few months in Japan, but winning the West would be more challenging. Sony spent a rumored $4 million on its E3 booth in 1995 and it paid off - the demand was staggering and the PlayStation won the console war handily. So, in that single moment of deception, Nintendo had created a juggernaut that not only outsold its own console 3-to-1, but pave the way for repeat performances by the PS2, PS3, and now, the PS4.Follow us on Twitter!http...