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Octopimp is here with your Xbox Lore! by Phil: by Octopimp: by Jeremy: the late 90's, the console war was all but over thanks to the astounding success the PlayStation, and with the PS2 wooing away PC developers, Bill Gates had the DirectX team determine if the Japanese console posed a risk to PC gaming. The team concluded that not only would the PC surpass the PS2 on a technical level, but could also compete with the PS2 as a home console. Gates then ordered the team to build, market, and release what they called the DirectX Box, or better known today as the Xbox.Microsoft built the Xbox like a PC; flexible yet more powerful than the then-industry leading PS2. But the team had less than a year to release the Xbox alongside the PS2, so instead, Gates held the console back for another year so that it could realize its full potential. With that extra time, Microsoft went to work on an online multiplayer platform they dubbed "Xbox Live" - their ace in the hole.The world finally got a taste of Microsoft's first foray into the home console arena at GDC 2000. Gates, in a black leather jacket, declared to a bewildered audience that a spreadsheet company was going to launch an American video game console in a market dominated by Japanese tech giants... and he got a standing ovation for it. Microsoft then showcased the Xbox at E3 two months later, and thats when they first set eyes on a game called Halo. Impressed, Microsoft quickly snapped up Bungie and made Halo an exclusive launch title for the Xbox, which in turn helped move 1.5 million units in just three months, cementing Microsoft as a major player in the gaming world. Now, having proven itself against the likes of Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft looks to shake up the industry yet again with the Xbox One.Have fun!---------The...