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Rice Pirate is here with some Killer Instinct Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!Written by Jared: by Rice Pirate: by Fungasm: ancient times two great demon warlords clashed over the fate of the planet. Right before their final confrontation a mysterious white light engulfed them and their armies, transporting them all to limbo to float around harmlessly for all eternity. In the years since their banishment, the environment has become polluted, governments have fallen, and the Earth is ruled by megacorporations that are constantly embroiled in bloody proxy wars across the globe.The largest corporation, Ultratech, sells biological weapons to all the other companies, which nobody seems to have a problem with, but they also produce the most popular television show in the world, a fighting tournament called Killer Instinct. The combatants for Killer Instinct are either genetically altered monsters, volunteers, or unwilling prisoners, all of which must fight each other to the death. The winner gets any wish fulfilled by Ultratech, and all the losers die.Ultratech sees fit to summon one of the demon warlords from Limbo and have him fight the winning competitor for their wish, resulting in a tear in the space time continuum that grows as the tournament goes on. The other competitors, including an alien from an ice planet, a ninja from the future, a weaponized robot-man, and an actual werewolf, all go to town on each other until Black Orchid defeats the warlord and the Ultratech building is launched 2000 years into the past. But instead of teaming up to fight the immortal energy monster who wants to take over the world, all the fighters just beat up on each other instead.Have fun! Follow us on Twitter!http://www.twitter...