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Within 12 years in the music business, six studio albums, numerous awards, collaborations with the likes of Asian Dub Foundation, De-Phazz or Transglobal Underground and many international invitations and performances Anima Sound System have never been average, have never been conformed, have never been upper classy. And their attitude hasn´t changed yet. Without any exaggeration Anima Sound System is the hottest and most exciting collective Hungary´s pulsating electronic music scene has to offer. Taken from the triumphant album We strike (released june 2006) the single Revolution is once again carrying invocations for individual freedom and the problems of underprivileged victims of our so called free-market economy into the world: A jerk went through eastern Europe in 1956. A secret speech at the KPdSU party congress from Chruschtschow caused a serious political crisis in many countries. This day put a stop to the cult of Stalin the exemplary character of communism. It was a little step towards reforms but for the Hungarian students and artists point of view not enough movement. They wanted more and officially protested on the streets. The Hungarian national uprising ended up in a bloody invasion of the Soviet forces in Budapest in November 1956. The 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution and its spirit makes the center of the single Revolution in 2006.