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Originally published on October 15th, 2012. PLEASE READ THIS: It took me awhile to get an actual good recording of this done and for the time being, I feel that this video is appropriate under these circumstances. Sorry for coming off harsh in some areas of the video, but it seriously pisses me off when the majority of the people either sit on the sidelines and act like they care when these tragedies happen or when people don't give the victims the proper tools to stand up for themselves with. Hopefully this video gives some guidance to those looking for it. If you need someone to vent to about bullying, you can inbox me your story or make a video response. I also can't stand how one person gets all the attention for something that happens to hundreds of thousands of people yearly because of looks. I believe personally that it's our job as human beings to look out for those that can't stand up for themselves and work with them to give them the tools so that they can learn how to stand up for themselves when it's needed. I might do some more videos on this subject later on, I just needed to get my general views on how I feel bullying should be handled. Stop waiting until it's too late to care for the victims. Suicide Prevention Hotline: [Important Links Below] GATG BACK UP: GATG Personal FB: GATG Facebook Page: GATG Twitter: GATG DailyMotion: STOUTMEISTER'S ORIGINAL MUSIC: STOUTMEISTER'S GUITAR COVERS: STOUTMEISTER & JOE777K7 PROJECT: STOUTMEISTER SKYPE: "Stoutmeister (OfficialGATG)" GATG EMAIL: [Credits] Intro Design: