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I am officially un-following people and eventually blocking all those who come to dailymotion and put a link back to their youtube page. I seen people come to dailymotion with a very active large youtube page and link back here on dailymotion to their page, Promoting youtube. I left youtube really about a year ago, and came back to using Dailymotion even though i have been on dailymotion since 2005. I don't like youtube, the site sucks, google sucks, youtube is just utter crap. Dailymotion is a overall better site and i promote dailymotion. So i think some people need to stop coming to dailymotion linking back to their youtube page. If you don't like youtube, stop using the crap and just come to dailymotion, but to me its really stupid to make a dailymotion page, upload the same crap you have over at youtube and link back to youtube promoting their page lol. Not even going to waste my time subbing someone here who does it lol. I have been noticing it for a while , but just recently some idiot made one video where he actually said " come to youtube " lol and the whole video was about youtube hahaha. Dailymotion FTW.