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Available from 6 Magic is back with Michael Six Muldoon the creator of the best selling dvd 6 by Six and a new upcoming artist Brandon Williams. The Changes are two unique and highly visual color changes that you can perform with ANY deck of cards. Shot in HD you get an in depth look at both of the changes and their applications. Michael Six Muldoon and Brandon Williams walk you through every thing you need and share thoughts and ideas with each of the moves plus multiple routines. In a world of one trick DVDs this 90 minute DVD gives you true value with 2 color changes and 8 routines. RoutinesMichael Six MuldoonTwo Ton Triumph Two Michaels triumph off 6 by Six combined with Shake N Bake plus some added touches make this one killer effect If you loved Two Ton Triumph wait to you see this one All Backs Michaels take on the classic all backs routine with some incredibly visual moments letting the spectators ACTUALLY watch the card turn over. Shocked 2.0 When Michael was 17 his first effect (Shocked) was printed in Magic Magazine..Now he is back with an updated version making the effect stronger then ever Imagine turning an entire deck into a selected card after they have seen the faces Just so you know how good this is it was named after Paul Harris saw the original and said Wow you shocked me. The Reversal From a borrowed shuffled deck cause cards to turn over magically right before their eyes and then YOU can cause the ENTIRE deck reverse itself Bonus RoutineTranspo 6 A direct and visual two card transposition..A card visually changes places with a card placed in the magicians pocket.Brandon Williams The Tear Routine This is a KILLER routine. A selected card is torn in half then restored HALF WAY then FULLY RESTORED The card can even be handed out during each of the phases and kept at the end The Torn Transpo Watch this on the trailer Cause a card AND THE TEAR to change places It almost lo