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Available from Imagine being able to borrow a signed coin and have it visually melt through your hand Or have the ability to make a borrowed ring vanish using only two fingers then to make it reappear by rubbing a playing card on the palm of your hand Better yet how would you like it if you could do this all... ANYTIME ANYWHERE with ANY small object Well now you can make the impossible possible. Using a clever unique method created by magical genius Michael Mystic you can impress and amaze ANY crowd. This can be performed anywhere using almost ANY small object. Bottle caps rings peanuts popcorn coins etc. EVERY object can be borrowed. Quotes Thats the most visual magic Ive seen since the raven WOW that is brilliant -Matt Andrews Slight of hand has reached new heights..... this illusion intrigues even the best of the have to see it for yourself... -Rhiannon Smith A pure visual mind shock it inspires me to get back into coin magic. -Capaso Casino How did you ever come up with that Man thats crazy -Guy El Armstrong I just finished watching melt for the first time and I just have to say I think I have found a new gem of magic for my act. Thank you Michael and Expert Magic for bringing this to the magic community -Brian Burke I really like melt Its simple yet so deceptive. Definitely worth more than 15 -Chris Mickle