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Published on Dec 2, 2013 DISCLAIMER: This by no means a hate video nor am I attacking MrRepzion for being suicidal in this video. This video addresses legitimate concerns that I myself among other Youtubers have about certain behaviors that MrRepzion has been pulling recently. One of those actions was making a statement that it's okay to commit suicide under ANY circumstance. Another issue brought up is the filing of the DMCA's. MrRepzion claims to have never filed one falsely but evidence shows otherwise. With those things being said, MrRepzion is under the radar rightfully so since there have been recent hypocrisies he's been exposed with and wish for him to admit where he was wrong so that not only we can move on from this scenario, but Daniel can be on his way to recovery, given that he's taking out his emotions the wrong way. This video also addresses double standards that have been shown not only by MrRepzion, but his hardcore fans as well. This video's purpose is to try and shine light on as many sides as possible to get a full picture of the scenario so that things can be handled more properly. I've been contemplating on doing a video on this when things escalated but lost motivation until a recent tweet from MrRepzion in which ended as a joke in poor taste, which again shows an example of double standards. After watching this video, watch the others on this subject concerning the situation to either get the full picture or refresh your memory of the situation. This video is not bashing the good that MrRepzion may have done in his life so please don't use that argument. No matter what kind of dark mindset you're going through, it's one thing to think suicidal thoughts. It's another thing to glorify suicide as a beautiful way to die. It's NEVER okay to glorify something tragic like suicide. [Thanks to MDA for the thumbnail] [MrRepzion's Suicide Video] "Respect It" [Fan of MrRepzion's Inbox...