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COMMENT #1: for real? so white people can go on mass shootings like sandy hook, columbine, colorado moviie theaters, and countless others, no Black people called "to arms" but I'm supposed to be mad at other Black people for random "knock outs"? Fuck white people and the NRA. You Black people will fall for the bait and jedi mind trick and start beating up other Black people and then the same white people who you try to suck up to will shoot your asses and claim you tried to "knock out" game them too. COMMENT #2) I agree with you in part (though I don't believe they are targeting just whites- how many times have Blacks assaulted one another?) but let this be in reverse.. a white person beat up (lynch or shoot) a random Black, Black people wouldn't be "up in arms" and the first thing white people would do is bring up "MARTIN LUTHER KING!!! Turn the other cheek!! Martin Luther King wouldn't approve of you Blacks retaliating!" and all the Black people would sit down, eat a piece of chicken and go shoot another Black then pray their sins away in a church. I got a question, why don't WHITE PEOPLE turn the other cheek now? SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS: TWITTER: @FearlessJ2008 INSTAGRAM: @jnjPhotography