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These pictures were filmed on November 20th this year by Spanish police surveillance cameras. They feature a chain of nearly a thousand migrants snaking, groping its way through the darkness heading, the migrants hope, for Europe. These young men from sub-Saharan Africa are hiding out. Having all ready tried but failed to get over a border fence separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco, they are waiting for another chance. Without permission we interviewed them. “There are plain-clothed police everywhere,” one of them warns.They are edgy…but determined. They have crossed the Sahara from Mali, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger.And they are not going to be put off by a few scars they bear from failed attempts to scale Melilla’s perimeter fence.Some have been waiting in the hills here, surviving on local charity, for years.Claude Guillaume Dibonde is from Cameroon, “It is not easy,” he says. “They arrest us when we try to climb the fence. They beat us as well. We live in misery. Misery! It is not easy for a human being to live like this. We have no choice, but to carry on. We can’t go back. We have left so many people in misery behind to search for a better a life. We have put all that behind us.”Toure Lassin from the Ivory Coast says, “I have to take this risk. And if I don’t get in, I will stay here until I do. I’ll stay here until my hair turns white. I have to get in to Europe. It is the only thing that will change my life. Europe. Yes.”Suddenly someone sees the police in the area and they up and leave.We had only just finished our interviews and had planned to climb up to their camp up the hill, but with the police close by it was too risky for them to stay here.A couple of minutes later and we come across a police patrol. They arrested several migrants and with visible brutality.Moroccan police seize camera equipment if you film them during an operation. All we could get were some snatched shots from a mobile phone. The tiny Spanish enclave of...