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or to start Potty Training - Must seeTo access Start Potty Training, go here: Start Potty Training ReviewThis is my Start Potty Training Review. If you would like to visit the official Page of Carol Clines Start Potty Training, please click the link in the description box below:Potty training, or also known as toilet training, is a process of training your child to formally use the toilet. The training starts with a potty, or a small toilet, and for most parents, completing the potty training is a major milestone in their childs life. Its also a benefit for parents to no longer have to change dirty diapers, or nappies, as theyre also called. However, potty training can be a frustrating process.Start Potty Training is a program designed by Carol Cline that helps parents potty train their children.So anyway -- heres my Start Potty Training Review.Start Potty Training Review -- What Is it?Start Potty Training is a training program that is intended to help parents potty train their children in just a matter of 3 days. Carol Cline runs a Daycare and is a mother of four. Using her potty training experiences, she has developed a whole new approach to potty training kids. Her training program encompasses 6 stages for completing potty training. It comes with an eBook, videos and audio files, all in one package.Heres a summary of whats inside:Getting your child ready for potty trainingWhat you need for the potty training processHow the first day is the most crucial dayThe right approach to potty training during the nightThe final two daysand How paying very close attention saves you from tears, upsets and regressionStart Potty Training Review -- What I LikedWhat I like about Start Potty Training is the whole bundle which includes the eBook, the videos and the audio files. You can choose the format that youre most comfortable with. It also includes a version that will work with all e-Readers like Kindle, Nook and the iPad.