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or School New Body Review: Discount On Old School New Body pdf.Old School New Body is the best program for adults aged over 35 to stay young, pain free and injury free. Huge discount still on!...My Old School New Body review is based upon a short 5 weeks of doing the Old School New Body training program -- specifically the short 20 minute fat-loss workout.This workout saves me time, and leaves me feeling energized after every session, and I am no longer sore like I used to be after training. I used to pound my body with heavy weights, complicated lifts and extreme intensity, but as I have aged I have found it harder to recover and I am over the soreness. Heavy weights are not necessary for results. The overstress and release of cortisol is what plays a role.Now you do need to put effort in, but the effort should be cumulative.This is where Old School New Body workouts fit in perfectly. The system uses moderate poundages lifted in such a way to induce higher muscle fatigue. Short rest periods are incorporated to ensure growth hormone is released which is a fat-burning, muscle building hormone.So you can get back into the best shape of your life and slow the aging process, whilst strengthening your muscles, ligaments and joints at the same time.Old School New Body will produce results if you are willing to put the effort in, and follow it to the letter. And dont forget your discount on the Old School New Body pdf