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or - A Drop Shipping and Wholesale Program That WorksLink: Have you ever tried Googling the word Wholesale or Drop Shipping? If you have, then you know that there are thousands of programs that claim to be the best wholesaler around. Some may be trustworthy and honest, but in my experience, thats not always the case. Who do you trust, and for us ebay entrepreneurs, who can make us a profit?For the past couple of years I have been on a quest to find a great wholesale and drop shipping company to take my ebay business to the next level. I knew that finding inventory took time, but I also knew that if I could find a program that supplied me with consistent products, then the amount of money I could make would sky rocket. For me, it was really important to find a company that was trustworthy (since Ive been burned badly in the past). Luckily (and thankfully) a reader of this blog introduced me to an awesome website called SaleHOO.Before I dive into what SaleHOO has to offer, I thought that this is a good time to point out the most important feature that SaleHoo has to offer. That feature happens to be their Better Business Bureau rating (which is an A). This was the first thing that I checked.Okay, so how can SaleHoo help make us ebay entrepreneurs money? We already know that they are a trusted wholesale and drop shipping company, but what items to they have to sell? Well they work with 80,000 suppliers and have almost 2 million items available.Here are a few pros that set them apart:Profit Engine Tool -- At first, 2 million items sounds good until you realize that there is no way you can research all of their items and find out what is going to sell for a profit. As we ebay entrepreneurs know, time is money, and we if have to waste days to find our products, then its not even worth it. SaleHoo has a neat tool called the Profit Engine Software. This tool will find the Hot Selling Items, and instantly tells you how much profit you can