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or 1 Lotto System Product Review-Does it work?When I got the opportunity to check out this Formula 1 Lotto System Software, I was never a player of any type of Lotto, but since checking out the new software, and after testing this system I now understand that it works even better for people who play the lottery pretty often. Glen Hooke created this software and says that this great software is guaranteed SOLID, you will be a winner of the Lottery a minimum of 8 times out of every 10 games you play.Glen says he has been assisting people who play the Lottery to get these kinds of results for well over twenty years.I needed to prove the claims for my own peace of mind. Mr Hook says he has worked together with Mit Math a Professor who spent over 25 years testing and improving this system.PROS:-This system is sure to work in almost any type of Lottery, it doesnt matter which Country you happen to reside in. There is an abundance of Lottery systems available everywhere, but my own opinion is, the Formula 1 Lotto System is way ahead of the rest.Other lottery systems will arrive in book form, unlike the Formula 1 System which comes in a software. When you start using the software you dont need to be worried about how you might calculate the possible winning numbers, this software does the whole job for you.I used some lotto books recently just for testing purposes, but I didnt get any decent results like I got from the Formula 1 Lotto System. Ive made a small amount of money thus far, and my winnings have far exceeded the cost of playing. I still havent managed to multiply my winnings by 10 times the price of this software. In all fairness Ive been using this system for only 5 weeks.There are some incredible results to be achieved from this powerful system. On average your winnings will amount to 90% of your purchases. The figures here are pretty good.