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Want to learn how to develop telekinesis abilities? Telekinesis or TK is sometimes revered to as psychokinesis or PK. It is part of the spectrum of Extrasensory Perception, alongside Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition. In this section you will find a small collection of videos demonstrating my telekinesis powers. Please check them out below. Telekinesis is the abilities to move objects or interact with your environment using the power of your mind. We are all born with these innate extrasensory abilities and we all have the potential to develop our psychic powers and psychic abilities. With the right guidance and training over time you too can learn to perform these psychokinetic feats. Anybody can perform psychic miracles such as these: This is just a sample of the training exercises I offer for free on YouTube. These are all things that anybody could do with common objects found around the home from coins and bits of paper to cutlery and light bulbs. Please check out my forum for more info.